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Regal Computer Services was started by Daniel Paull with the belief that reliable computer services should not have to break the bank.

Founded in 2008 RCS is still a one man operation but has grown to service hundreds of customers with dozens of happy and active website clients.

Our websites now receive over a million hits per year, so far this year over 1,458,935 hits have been delivered to our customers websites.

Daniel Paull, Founder of Regal Computer Services circa 2021

What does a hit mean? Some services will tell you a hit is anytime a resource on your website is accessed. This means they report more traffic to your website than actually received, we consider a hit to be an individual visit to a webpage.

What's the difference? Reporting actual website hits will give you a much better indicator of how many people are visiting your website. Reporting on all files on your website means that if you have 10 images on one page and one person visits that page you're saying you had 11 hits. This is not really accurate, sure it makes it seem like you're thriving with hundreds of thousands of visits per month but in reality you're not.

This is merely an indicator of the level of integrity and honesty we bring to the job, we aren't here to blow smoke. We want your business to succeed, as your success is our success and every one of the customers we work with is like family to us.

Why we do what we do?

Promo Regal Computer Services circa 2021

As a professional programmer since the 1990's Daniel Paull gets a real sense of enjoyment out of coding and creating solutions to client problems.

There are millions of website design companies out there, and they will all promise to deliver the sun, the moon and the stars in their pitch to get the job. A good number of them are flat out liars, that have no experience and no understanding of what is actually involved in completing your project.

Regal Computer Services is committted to creating the perfect website that solves your specific needs, and allows you to interact with your customers or users in the most efficient and friendly way imaginable.No one likes a clunky, hard to use website.

We'll go to the ends of the earth to make our customers happy, we're readily available via phone, email, text or DM's and believe you're important.

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